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fake subdomain

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Hello guys,

is there a way to manage some fakes subdomains like pages in PW?

I mean:

sub.domain.com => domain.com/folder

Maybe via htaccess...


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Look at my multisite module, which does exactly that.

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After install i got this:

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /home/disinibi/public_html/site/modules/Multisite.module on line 40

Notice: Undefined index: subdomains in /home/disinibi/public_html/site/modules/Multisite.module on line 87

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mmm I don't think this is the solution for my case. I already have some pages and now i want to change the url of this pages into subdomains (also with their subpages), in your module i have to create the page with the same name of the subdomain in the root...

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Just edit the name of your subpage to match the subdomain? If that is not possible in your case, then you need another solution. Maybe fork the module for your needs?

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