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PageFrontEdit toolbar not always showing up


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PageFrontEdit would be perfect to use in production, but I see the module is still on version 0.02. Is it actively developed?

When it works it is perfect, but the edit toolbar doesn't always show up. Chrome seems to work best, but in Firefox and IE/Edge I only get the save and cancel buttons and then when you try to save changes you get an ugly error pop-up 'No changes to save'.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it a known problem? Maybe a js/jquery conflict? Should I install other editors - if that is possible?

And is it supposed to work on mobile? Double tap? Or maybe just not on my crappy phone...

Edit: I have now seen the toolbar show up on IE/Edge, but it is hit or miss. When it doesn't show up and you click cancel and try again, you get the toolbar on the second attempt. Is there a way to make sure the toolbar loads? Move javascript to another place?

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    • By Matt_P
      Hi Everyone, 
      I was wondering whether anyone knows what this error is:
      "Error: Class 'ProcessWire\WireData' not found (line 19 of /home/sitehost/public_html/dev/sitename/wire/modules/Page/PageFrontEdit/PageFrontEdit.module)"
      This has been pulled from the logs.
      I found the error after a password reset, though the error did not occur immediately. I only noticed this after reloading the site. This has taken down both the back-end and front-end, I only get a 500 internal server error back.
      Is anyone familiar with this error?
    • By Guy Verville
      I have tried to set the PageFrontEdit module and everything seems to apply.  I see in the code that an id pw-edit-1 has been set but really nothing happens. Double-clicking the text does not show me the editing bar. I have checked that the superuser had the right permissions. What am I missing here?

    • By ocr_a
      i want to use the new front-end editing feature of pw instead of fredi module to let members of a site edit their own page.
      i know it's in development, but just wanted to check your opinion and/or give feedback.
      i am logged in as a superuser with all rights, but the following doesn't work.
      probably i missed something?
      <edit logo> <img src='{$page->logo->url}' /> </edit> -> the image is not double clickable -> no edit field appears
      <edit text> <div>{$page->text}</div> </edit> -> normal edit field with save / cancel opens, but no ckeditor, which is set for this field
      -> changes alerts: No changes to save
      <edit field='title,text,logo,websiteurl'> <h2>{$page->title}</h2> <div>{$page->text}</div> <img src='{$page->logo->url}' /> <span>{$page->websiteurl}</span> </edit> -> nothing happens when double clicking the area, the context cursor appears.
      Docs found here: https://processwire.com/api/modules/front-end-editing/
      will there be an option to change the action?
      <edit action='doubleclick'> </edit> <edit action='click'> </edit> <edit action='noaction'> </edit> last thing is something like: all fields are open on page load and a save/cancel button appears.
    • By celfred
      Hello there,
      I'm struggling again with a new site I'm trying to implement for fun. First, for personal use, but now I'd like to make it a 'member available' site.
      The site is just an invitation management site : who came over? What did they eat? What ere the recipes? And so on...
      Here's my problem :
      I'm trying tp use Fredi (the module) to allow members to edit their recipes, their hosts, their profile. Actually, I wanted to use Fredi so I didn't have to really care about anything front-end. Fredi would take care of it. I added a 'member' role (with page-edit access) to each member. It works fine this way, but the worry I'm facing is that if a member manually adds '/processwire' in the address bar, he will have access to all the members list and invitations and I wish I could hide all of this.
      Actually, they can't 'View' or 'Edit' anything, so I guess the probability of them fiddling with all these information is close to zero, but I do'nt like it anyway. I wish they could have access ONLY to their stuff. In my tree, this means everything under '/invitations/user-id', 'guests/user-id/', and '/dish/user-id'. And I'm unable to find out how to do this... Hence my post
      The other way I imagined : leaving all members with 'guest' role (if they type 'processwire' in the address bar, they won't see anything (which is good), and implementing front-end editing solutions for the members. It could work, but I feel like I'll never use the user/roles PW capabilities if I start working this way
      Am I misunderstanding something? If anybody could give me a clue about how to handle this issue, I'd appreciate
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