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singe page site - google indexing problem


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Hi there,

i developed a single page site where the sections of the site are pages within processwire.
For example imagine this case: I have 3 sections about, work, contact. So i created 3 templates and 3 pages.
Now in my home.php i include them - so far so good.

Thus i get www.page/about, www.page/work, www.page/contact ... and google is indexing this urls.
I don't want that to happen because they content only works within the home where the css and js is loaded.

What can i do? Can i simply disallow them in a robots.txt like: Disallow: /about/  ... or will this be a SEO killer?

Thanks in advance & cheers Simon

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10 hours ago, simonGG said:

hidding is not realy a option for me because in my setup they musst be visible.

You mean you want the pages that are rendered as part of Home to be accessible at /about/, /work/, etc, to human visitors but not to Google? That seems odd, especially if they don't display properly without the CSS/JS from the Home template.

I think you do want to prevent direct access to those pages. This thread has some techniques for achieving that:


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