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Backend form in frontend


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Hi, a related topic: 

22 minutes ago, NoremPload said:

Or do i have to build everything on my own like in this post 

If you want to be fully flexible, you have to implement your own forms. Of course, you can do it by relying on the ProcessWire API, but not the Form API of the backend.

EDIT: I forgot to bring your attention to this one: 


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FormHelper module
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Well if you are logged in and add a query param ?id=1001 to your url and in the template file you add

$content .= $modules->ProcessPageEdit->execute();

You'll get the full form markup rendered in your front-end. It even works saving the page out of the box. There's just (quite alot) the css and JS parts missing and maybe some other things that might not work down the road. ? 

After all it depends what you want to achieve with it and if it's secure etc. I would prefer a Iframe modal solution and just call $page->editUrl(). OR use something like FormBuilder, Fredi (modal solution) or Frontend Edit Core Feature.

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On 6/26/2018 at 7:25 PM, webhoes said:

This one is really nice...


Doesn't work with repeater on my test site. If that would work too it would be awesome and make sooo much easier.


Looked really nice.. but after clicking submit the page disappeared from the menu structure...  In the admin it was still editable - but at the settings of the page at status was written "corrupted" -> I think, the culprit is the image field..
First I thought that a custom fieldtype written by me... or other fields are the problem, so I added them to $ignorefields and tried to add them again field by field... everything went fine!!!

then... I tried to upload an image but this error came: Can’t save page 1610: /about/xxx/: Call $page->of(false);

then.. I uploaded an image in the admin... in the frontend view I did nothing, except clicking the submit button of the form -> and "page corrupted" appeared in the page status

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