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☁️ Duplicator: Backup and move sites

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3 hours ago, rjgamer said:

Duplicator does not work with PHP 8 anymore. get_magic_quotes_gpc() is removed.

Is there any Roadmap to see how the module get evolved in the next few months?

Sorry, I don't have a PHP 8 install available at the moment. You are getting an error when using the installer, correct ?

Give me seconds.

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On 11/27/2020 at 6:01 PM, flydev 👊🏻 said:


Fix pushed, you can update the module from Github, master branch or wait that the modules directory update itself to update it from ProcessWire Upgrades (I can't login to do it manually).

Please let me know 👍🏼


Thank you! Could not test it yet. But wow, what a fast response. 👍

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  • 2 months later...

Is it possible to have the backup only run on certain hosts? I don't want it to backup my localhost to S3, just the production site.
Also - it would be ace if it would only backup on page saves. As 99% of the time my sites are static so a FE render doesn't matter. Hooking into page saves would be great. Though we'd ideally want to limit it as well =/

(Maybe debug mode is a good proxy for this, a tickbox for debugging in debug mode.)

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My hoster only allows Cronjobs via http/https request, but the folder /modules/Duplicator/cron.php is protected (403 error), is there a way to solve this issue without rewriting the .htaccess?

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Thanks for this module.

I am on pw latest stable and the making of the package works fine

Then when I upload to new site and run the installer, all seems to work, files are created, database is created, and the homepage shows up, yet when I click on any link I get a 404, somehow things do not work

Any ideas?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Since the last update of the Upgrades module, there are two packages of duplicator:


One can be upgraded, the other not. And when I install duplicator, only the module "Duplicator" got installed. I've had to install "ProcessDuplicator" manually. Thanks to this info here.

It's look like something smaller is messed up since the last few PW updates. Or not?

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Hi all,

I took over an old system with

- debian 9.13 (stretch)

- php 5

- pw 3.0.123

And I tryed to use the installed duplicator. It did not work like I would expect it (on my personal machines it workes). So I installed php7 and the latest version (1.4) of duplicator. After that I get this messages (below) in the front end of the package manager page but in the info box (duplicator config page) I get Package(s) found ›  1  Package Manager. So the built file is there on the server but not displayed in the front end. And the file is just containing paths (shown below)


package build failed.
2021-07-29 15:42:55:  - an error occured during package build.
2021-07-29 15:42:55:  - an error occured while building the ProcessWire structure.

And in the backup directory there is a file 2021-07-29 ...zip.log with many paths in it, like


0.0s: DIR: /var/www/mywebsite

0.0s: ZIP /.htaccess-...

0.0s: ZIP /wire/config.php


Does anyone have a clue?

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      Is this a sound approach to speed up development?

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