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CKEditor auto complete in link editing


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Sorry, should have clarified the why for this. I host clients on hostgator and back in the spring they changed a mod security rule on the server which causes any url with an http or https in it to throw a 403 forbidden error. So when you go to edit a link you have created it errors and the dialog displays the error. Only way to fix it is to get on support with HG go through a couple of levels and then get them to whitelist the domain for the security rule which is causing it (they don't tell you what it is). This is the url that crashes it: http://northernaire.com/webadmin/page/link/?id=1322&modal=1&href=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vilaswi.com%2Foutdoor-fun%2Fcross-country-skiing-snowshoeing%2F

Take out the http on the call and it will load. I was going to look at trying to look at a way to hack something to get it to work on the output end.

Just a pain to have to go through the process of whitelisting for a new PW install.

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1 hour ago, jsantari said:

I host clients on hostgator and back in the spring they changed a mod security rule on the server which causes any url with an http or https in it to throw a 403 forbidden error.

That is insane. Maybe time to move to a new host.

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Wow, that's strange that they would do something like that.

In ProcessPageEditLink.js, I see this

// avoid adding scheme if we already added it before and user removed it
			if ($this.attr('data-ignore') == domain) {
				// do nothing
			} else {
				$this.val('http://' + val);
				$this.closest('.InputfieldContent').find('.notes').text('http://' + val); 
				$this.attr('data-ignore', domain);

So it looks like if you delete the http://  once or twice, it should stop auto-filling.

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