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www.fotomediale.de-(1024 x 768).png

The Fotomediale is a annual festival of photography for children's and youth photography in Freiburg, Germany. This small website provides information about the festival and its workshops. Because of the topic, this site is very picture heavy. Almost every page contains it own set of images displayed in the background. The images cycle through automatically, but you can also use the buttons on the edges (or if you want arrow keys on your keyboard ;)). If you want to see the images, you can collapse both the navigation and content area.

The transitions between pages were made with Ajax and pushState, but you can also access them directly via their URL. To handle the large image backgrounds, all of the images are lazy loaded using lazysizes. The registration form was created using the API.


Modules used:

  • ProCache
  • Markup Sitemap XML
  • Email Obfuscation (EMO)
  • Tracy Debugger

Regards, Andreas

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