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One admin panel and database for two domains

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Hi all. Could anybody help with this:
I have two domains: site1.domain.com and site2.domain.com
They are hosted at one server and put in folders
site1: /home/site1/public
site2: /home/site2/public
(for example)
All processwire files are in site1 folder and this site goes well.
I put file index.php in site2 folder with the same content as it is in site1 folder but only changed $rootPath to path for site1 folder
But still i can use only api but site doesn't loads the same way as site1

I need to you use one installation of prw to load site at two domains (copy)

What i need to do to start it works!?

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18 minutes ago, kongondo said:

Consider these 2 options:


Option 1 would mean multiple databases. Option 2, single database is what you seem to be after. I use Option 1 for my own sites. 

That's not work for me.

If just copy all files to domain 2 folder and change path to "site" folder - how to do it.

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Which option didn't work for you? 1 or 2?

Edited by kongondo

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