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Hello, I have been working on my first pw site the last view days. Normally I work with Wordpress.

I never really had to make a theme myself so this was a nice challange. I took some parts from another theme and added some scripts I found online.

The waves on the frontpage are based on repeating field. A text area, background color, wave color and yes/no for the waves.

The contact form is made of PHP as I could not get a javaScript solution working.

Please share some input to make it better... and please be nice as it is my first attempt at PW..

link is: pw.webhoes.nl


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Hi Sanne, nicely done. At first glance, I spotted two small issues: the carousel arrows unfortunately don't work, and the "LEES MEER" buttons on the portfolio page aren't functional (I'm using Firefox here). That said, I like the soft slide-into-place effect on navigating between pages, and the styling is pleasing and harmonic.

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Hello BitPoet, thanks.

I meant to get rid of the arrows as I don't want a slider. Just removed them.

Is the div of the waves too high? I use firefox too and here it works.
The images of the portfolio page should also be clickable. Do they work with you?


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The waves div is fine for me. The images themselves do work as links, but my first instinct was to click the buttons below.

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Hello @webhoes,

on your project detail pages, the hero image zooms into the content below while scrolling. You should add a background color to the content below to avoid this. ;)

Also, you seem to have some console errors (for example [[ ++site_url]]). Maybe you are using a template engine, which produces those.

Regards, Andreas

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Hello AndZyk,

I noticed that on the project details. The background is set to #121212 but it still seems partly transparant for some reason. I have not jet found the part to disable that.

Those are modx chunks. I used some parts of a modx template.

If this template ever goes live, I will populate them with variables from the page.

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This CSS rule should be enough in your case, but maybe you want to be more specific:

.zoom-out-header-content {
    background-color: white;

Also I wouldn't provide a link to the admin on the front end, but this is just my opinion and maybe your are using this only for development. ;)

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Hi Sanne nice work you done and the resposive working great just one suggestion, when I scroll down header section is not visible but when I scroll up it appears in my chrome browser.


Edited by adrian
Removed spammy link

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Hi @webhoes

Site looks good.
On Portfolio page, Chrysemys and Defense Lab are too wide and slightly obstruct the text.

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