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AJAX response in multilingual site


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18 minutes ago, matjash said:

Does anybody know how to output AJAX response in multilingual site.

On the home page I call another page which has if($config->ajax) {...} code.

The response is always in the default language.


I am not a big multi-language user, but what I have done previously is to add this to the ajax URL:


and then in the file that is called:

$user->language = $languages->get($sanitizer->selectorValue($input->get->lang));


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Thank you. This works. I was thinking in the right direction. I just hoped that there is some better solution, cause my code get's little ugly this way.

I have to define javascript window.variable which I pass to javascript file (in strict mode), which calls for ajax response.

Cookie should work too I guess. If I set a cookie on language change, but this also woldn't be neat solution.

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