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Auto install ProcessWire with site profile WHMCS/cPanel


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I am setting up a sass solution using ProcessWire.

I'd like to be able to automatically install ProcessWire with a custom site profile when someone purchases a package through WHMCS. Currently I have it create a new cPanel account, however I am not sure on how to automate the installation of ProcessWire. Another note also is that we are going to want to push out updates and maintain each installation of ProcessWire. I don't know the best way about doing this is, I've seen some other posts but majority are very vague. 


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To install processwire you either need to run through the web install via some kind of headless browser or mimic what the install.php does on your own. There's also wireshell which can help you install processwire, but it's still in development for 3.x support. ProcessWire does not offer automated installs in the core. Also there's currently no (released) solution for any shared update/maintenance functionality, neither core nor 3rd party. The latter request is a pretty advanced feature, which is not so easy to pull off if you want to ensure nothing randomly breaks for your users, so I'd doubt you finding a 100% fitting solution even if there were some available. It can be as easy as replacing the .htaccess/index.php/wire folder, but you probably also need some capabilities to control updates, rollback or exclude some users for updates if they have issues.

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I think I have worked out a way for this to work, using softaculous. It enables me to push updates out to my clients when requires, and WHMCS has a module that allows an automatic install.

I am in the process of making a custom package, I have copied the 'stock/default' installation package for ProcessWire and have modified the setup to use my site profile, I am having some permissions issues at the moment. 


Error: Exception: You do not have permission to execute this module - ProcessPageView (in D:\Program Files (x86)\Ampps\www\breedpost\wire\core\Modules.php line 1236)

Which corresponds to

        if($module && empty($options['noPermissionCheck'])) {
            if(!$this->hasPermission($module, $this->wire('user'), $this->wire('page'))) {
                throw new WirePermissionException($this->_('You do not have permission to execute this module') . ' - ' . wireClassName($module));

If I comment these lines out, I am unable to login into ProcessWire, but all the pages work.

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