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Pagination problem when using start selector

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Hi there, 

i  have a little problem with the pagination module.
I get an archive-list of articles like this

$articles = $pages->get("/archive/")->children("limit=10");

and use a foreach to output the result. tThe limit selector tells the pagination module when to create a new page. So far so good.

Now, I just want to skip the first 10 articles from the archive as they are already shown on the homepage. I'd set the start selector to start=11, but this seem to interfere with my page navigation as the start selector is used here to output the pages.

What can I do to skip the first 10 articles while still using pagination?
Thanks for your support!

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$articles = $pages->find("parent=/archive/, limit=10, id!=[parent=/archive/, start=0, limit=10]");

I'm not sure if subselectors support limits, so maybe you need to run it as it's own $pages->find() before this line.

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