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Any module guide/steps for beginner?


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17 minutes ago, netcarver said:


Google is your friend, lot's of results in there.


Oh yeah, I have googled up... ALOT before I could ask question here in this thread ( I should have made that clear earlier). I always end up with different result like PW for beginner, some thread discussion on something else and etc...  I guess, google isn't friendly to me today :( . Thank you for your help, everything you gave out will do good for me! 

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I was just going to dredge up that simple example I posted, but @szabesz beat me to it.

Start with something simple. Once you get the hang of the basics, more complicated things will become clearer.
As LostKobrakai mentioned, looking at core (and/or 3rd party) modules is super helpful.

Post code on the forums when you get stuck. :)

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11 hours ago, szabesz said:

 Thank you @szabesz

23 minutes ago, LostKobrakai said:


I've learned a lot from looking into the core modules.


@LostKobrakai  I'd do same as you ... although collect some resources can increase better understanding how module works, especially help to detect bugs lot easier. 

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