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"Invalid file extension, please use one of:"


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I just added a file upload field to my detail page template. In the field detail, valid file extensions are: pdf doc docx xls xlsx gif jpg jpeg png.

However, when I go to upload a file to a page - a pdf for example - I get this error:

"pdf is a invalid file extension, please use one of:"

Do I have to somehow whitelist these file-types somewhere in the backend? Or perhaps this is a permissions issue?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I think your files field may not be fully created yet. Go back to that field in Setup > Fields and hit save. Now try it again.

If you still get the error then go back to that field again, click on it's "details" tab and note the file extensions. Make sure that the file you are uploading is in the list of allowed extensions. Add more extensions as needed and save the field.

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