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Simple Calendar module with reservation and confirmation?


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I am working on a site that needs a simple booking calendar:

- Visitors can choose a date and time-slot from a calendar on the front-end.

- Reservations will be listed in the back-end and have to be confirmed by the admin.

- Once the reservation is confirmed, an email is sent to the visitor. 

Not sure if there is an existing module out there for not reinventing the wheel. Already had a look at the module section, but couldn't find anything stable so far.

Would appreciate your ideas.







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Or you might want to do it by using Google. Ryan's blog post might help you get started:


To tell the truth, I've never used Google Calendars myself, so I do not know how well it could fit your needs, but some of my friends rely on these Calendars and use them to manage reservations.

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Have you seen this?

You might utilize it on the frontend with something like:


Do not forget that you might want to let your users partially access the admin, so that they can do both... But this is just an idea.

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events fieldtype would be a good starting point...

But you could also go on this simple with pages, a custom admin page and a frontendform

-rootpage events/bookings
--reservation1 (data from the vititor - or a usersystem conected with a pagefield + data of the reservation)

a reservation is created with a simple frontendform with two datefields (from - to) and a maybe a check if a existing reservation is affected...
build a simple admin page where all not approved reservations are listed and a hook on save to the visitors that are approved by the admin.
So you only have to build the frontendreservationform and the backendpage for the admin to approve and with pages you are futureproof for more features.

If you have predefiened timeslots you could calculate the dates in the frontend calendar that a visitor see, and validate them on submit.

Or if you have a difficult set of events and dateranges i would get back to the events fieldtype for the administration side and let the admin setup every bookable event/time slot with this fieldtype (with the fork even reccuring events...) and the use this entries for generating the calendar where visitors choose from (even with a integer field added to the eventtabel you can set the maximum participants for every single event....

You see there are as always many ways to go to provide a simple admin interface for your customer and all freedom of the frontend for the visitors, too...;)

regards mr-fan

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