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Includes not refreshing pw 3.041


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I wonder if there is someone with similar problem, i have a structure:


home.php in site/templates



in site/templates/rs-template/ i keep the homepage.php file, in that file is also include dir to:site/templates/rs-template/includes

      <!-- BEGIN HEADER-subpage-->
      <header class="header header--brand">
        <?php include "includes/header.inc";?>
      <!-- END HEADER-subpage-->

The include file doesn't refresh on change. If I put my php to home.php everything is working fine.


I created new homepage tamplate and after a while it started to work on homepage (when I renamed template). On subpage the problem exists.


If you wonder why do I need separate  template folder, because I try to develop webpage with 3 optional templates.


Update: If the content on homepage change the include file gets updated.


I just had wrong relative path of second include -> I lost one hour, because I don't know how the content was even displayed!

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