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Arabic Language Package didn't found.

Junaid Farooqui

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Hi @Junaid Farooqui, and thank you @adrian.

Till now there isn't an Arabic language pack for processwire.

I have fully translate and helped translating some web applications in the past (private and public projects). sometime for apps that I didn't even like ^_^

But why I didn't  start making an Arabic language pack for processwire till now? (and I am in deep love with processwire) :-X

I am not going to say I didn't get the time to do it just yet or something like that, even it's true.

It is because of Mr.Ryan, He made it so easy and simple to have a localize your admin area even if you don't have a language pack (this man is not just a normal programmer or developer) he is a magician :P

I made a small website for someone don't understand English and he don't need/want full accesses to admin so I just install language module in the core and translate whatever he needed only and everybody is happy :)


I have a plan to make an Arabic language pack but I can't tell any estimate time for it but that just me.


However, if you need any help I will be happy to assist.


And sorry for my bad English expression.


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Hi @adrian and @Faisal

Thank you for your time guys. for now i am trying some other method to resolve this matter. so far no success but let see. 

please clear my confusion the package we are talking about is only for admin panel or admin and front end as well. because i am looking for front end solution because our targeted customers is arabica spoken but due to standards we have to maintain english version also.


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