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Redirects module multi-language


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I installed the ProcessRedirects module from @apeisa 

It's a simple and brilliant module and work perfectly. I try to extend it adding a multi-language functionality.

I add this rows to the module to create select options with current active languages

if (wire('modules')->isInstalled('LanguageSupport')){
$field = $this->modules->get("InputfieldSelect");
$field->label = 'Language';
foreach(wire('languages') as $l) $field->addOption($l->id, $l->title); 

I would like to select a page, than choose a language to return correct language url
For example, if I choose the "About" page and the German language, the result must be "/de/uber/"

Unfortunately javascript that bind "pageSelected" function return the default page url

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10 hours ago, adrian said:

Just pinging @Mike Rockett who develops the Jumplinks module which is a much more feature-rich version of the Redirects module. I know he is working on a new version of JL - perhaps multi-language will make it in?

Indeed it will - but the plate has been filled once again, and haven't had a chance to do the refactoring mentioned on the roadmap before I continue with features. The composer issue kinda messed things up for me. Sorry for the delays...

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