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$page->get(URL) returns NullPage but a hidden page exists in the path


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Hi there,

I'm trying to implement a hidden stats page to store various counters and I'm using this article as a basis for my PHP Code

I've created a stats  page  based on a stats template, and the page is set to unpublished with no other attributes.

What have I overlooked if the following code returns a Nullpage ?

        $stats = wire(pages)->get("/stats");

I can "get" a homepage without any issue for reference.

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It looks like the pages have to be published in order for Get function to work.

The page option "Hidden : Excluded from Lists and Searches" is a little misleading as I had that option unchecked and I assumed it would be searched.
Perhaps "Unpublished : Not visible on site" should be more elaborate and include "Excluded from searches (and lists????)"


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11 hours ago, FrancisChung said:

It looks like the pages have to be published in order for Get function to work.

I can get an unpublished page okay with:

$p = $pages->get('/path/to/page/');

Are you sure your path/name is correct?

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Not sure why it wouldn't work in your case, but try getting the page by ID instead:

$p = $pages->get(1234);


6 minutes ago, FrancisChung said:

I'm running PW 2.7.x (2?) 

This may be something that has changed in PW3, because I found this old post from Soma that suggests you need to add 'include=all' when getting a page by path:


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If that's the case then it's a shame the API documentation do not have notes indicating that is the case. 

AFAIK I think the API documentation is auto generated it would be great at least if there are links to certain forum articles or gotchas, aka PHP Documentation and their comments. Better would be in the API documentation itself outlining certain nuances and example codes.

It's very frustrating to spend a lot of time navigating through these issues and I think for myself it's definitely a minus when using the API sometimes on  Processwire. 


Update :

Unpublishing the page and adding the ', include=all' clause seems to have worked.
Thanks for the help @Robin S . Much appreciated, mate.

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