FieldtypeOptions - set selectable options through api

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I'm setting up some fields in a module and i need an options field, but i can't figure out how to set its options with the api.

These options:


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I also found the same problem for adding FieldtypeOptions through API. Below are the codes that I'm using which is work well for other field types.

From the json export the FieldtypeOptions array value is in this line "export_options": {"default": "1=on|On\n2=off|Off\n3=indexon|Index On\n4=indexoff|Index Off"}


public function extraFields() {
	$fields = array(
		'invoice_stat' => array('id'=>'112', 'type'=>'FieldtypeOptions', 'flags'=>'0', 'name'=>'invoice_stat', 'label'=>'Status', 'description'=>'', 'derefAsPage'=>'1', 'collapsed'=>'0', 'columnWidth'=>'', 'parent_id'=>'', 'template_id'=>'', 'findPagesSelector'=>'', 'labelFieldName'=>'.', 'inputfieldClass'=>'InputfieldSelect', 'usePageEdit'=>'0', 'labelFieldFormat'=>'{pg_alias}', 'tags'=>'', 'allowUnpub'=>'', 'showIf'=>'', 'required'=>'', 'requiredIf'=>'', 'findPagesCode'=>'', 'defaultValue'=>'1=on|On\n2=off|Off\n3=indexon|Index On\n4=indexoff|Index Off', 'addable'=>''),		
	foreach ($fields as $field) {
		$f = new Field();
		$f->type = $this->modules->get($field['type']);
		//$f->id = $field['id'];
		$f->name = $field['name'];
		$f->label = $field['label'];
		if (isset($field['inputfieldClass'])) $f->inputfieldClass = $field['inputfieldClass'];
		if (isset($field['inputfield'])) $f->inputfield = $field['inputfield'];
		if (isset($field['export_options'])) $f->export_options = $field['export_options'];
		if (isset($field['flags'])) $f->flags = $field['flags'];
		if (isset($field['description'])) $f->description = $field['description'];
		if (isset($field['notes'])) $f->notes = $field['notes'];
		if (isset($field['derefAsPage'])) $f->derefAsPage = $field['derefAsPage'];
		if (isset($field['collapsed'])) $f->collapsed = $field['collapsed'];
		if (isset($field['parent_id'])) $f->parent_id = $field['parent_id'];
		if (isset($field['labelFieldName'])) $f->labelFieldName = $field['labelFieldName'];
		if (isset($field['tags'])) $f->tags = $field['tags'];
		if (isset($field['allowUnpub'])) $f->allowUnpub = $field['allowUnpub'];
		if (isset($field['showIf'])) $f->showIf = $field['showIf'];
		if (isset($field['columnWidth'])) $f->columnWidth = $field['columnWidth'];
		if (isset($field['required'])) $f->required = $field['required'];
		if (isset($field['requiredIf'])) $f->requiredIf = $field['requiredIf'];
		if (isset($field['template_id'])) $f->template_id = $field['template_id'];
		if (isset($field['findPagesSelector'])) $f->findPagesSelector = $field['findPagesSelector'];
		if (isset($field['findPagesCode'])) $f->findPagesCode = $field['findPagesCode'];
		if (isset($field['labelFieldFormat'])) $f->labelFieldFormat = $field['labelFieldFormat'];
		if (isset($field['defaultValue'])) $f->defaultValue = $field['defaultValue'];
		if (isset($field['addable'])) $f->addable = $field['addable'];



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What is $field['export_options'] supposed to be?

Just the value from export_options of the export json?

$f4 = new Field();
$f4->type  = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeOptions");
$f4->name  = "name";
$f4->label = "Label";
$f4->export_options  = "1=on|On\n2=off|Off\n3=indexon|Index On\n4=indexoff|Index Off";

I tried multiple formats but there are no options after i install the module.

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The methods for setting new options for an Options field via the API seem to be a bit convoluted - I think it's probably an oversight and it would be worth raising a feature request at GitHub.

There's a method that seems to be primarily intended for the admin back-end: setOptionsString(). You can use it but the way the options are defined (string with line break separator) is a bit weird for API use and it's not easy to get it to play nicely with existing options.

$f = $fields->my_options_field;
$manager = new SelectableOptionManager();
$options = 'red
blue'; // you can also set IDs and values if needed
$manager->setOptionsString($f, $options, false); // if last argument is omitted/true you will remove any existing options

Otherwise you could manually create SelectableOption objects, add them to a SelectableOptionArray, and use addOptions(), deleteOptions(), setOptions(), etc, with that SelectableOptionArray. See the module source code. It's hardly a simple process though.

I think what's needed are methods to go from options to PHP array and PHP array to options.

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$f4 = new Field();
$f4->type  = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeOptions");
$f4->name  = "name";
$f4->label = "Label";
$manager = new SelectableOptionManager();
$options = 'red
blue'; // you can also set IDs and values if needed
$manager->setOptionsString($f4, $options, false);

That did it, had to save the field before adding the options, took me a while to figure it out.

Thanks for the help.

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I have this string of options:

option1|Option 1
option2|Option 2
option3|Option 3

I add the options string like mentioned before:

$manager = new \ProcessWire\SelectableOptionManager();
$manager->setOptionsString($field, $options, true);

The result is this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 13.37.52.png

If I add it with IDs

1=option1|Option 1
2=option2|Option 2
3=option3|Option 3

The result is this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 13.40.45.png

In both cases within the field settings detail tab, everything looks OK, and the preview shows the expected output:

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 14.15.45.png


Also: Changing the override argument to false, does not affect this behavior.

In the database, everything looks fine:

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 14.33.01.png


Debugging $inputfield->options in FieldtypeOptions:getInputfield, the options array looks fine as it should: Three items with an id, value and title.

This is VERY weird:

If I replace the return value in FieldtypeOptions:getInputfield

// original
return $inputfield;

// replace
$fs = $this->modules->get('InputfieldFieldset');
return $fs;

I get the correct output, in the given Fieldset:

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 14.50.04.png

This suggests that the misbehavior is happening somewhere else?


If I create it via admin, everything works as expected, only the titles show.

Any help? Thanks!


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Have you tried like this:

$options = "1=option1|Option 1\n2=option2|Option 2\n3=option3|Option 3";

BTW - I haven't tested this, just going on what is exported when exporting the field.

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Got it working. The source of the misbehavior was, that I set the string somewhere else afterwards, like so: $field->options = $optionsString;

Doh! The side effects are still very strange though, and interesting that the field class even uses it somehow.

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I've been working with FieldtypeOptions recently and in the absence of documentation thought I would share some example code:

$field = $fields->get('test_options');
/* @var FieldtypeOptions $fieldtype */
$fieldtype = $field->type;

// Get existing options
// $options is a SelectableOptionsArray (WireArray)
// If there are no options yet this will return an empty SelectableOptionsArray
$options = $fieldtype->getOptions($field);

// Create an option
$yellow = new SelectableOption();
$yellow->title = 'Yellow';
$yellow->value = 'yel'; // if you want a different value from the title
// Don't set an ID for new options - this is added automatically
// Will deal with 'sort' property later

// Create another option
$orange = new SelectableOption();
$orange->title = 'Orange';

// Add option after the existing options

// Get an option by title
$green = $options->get('title=Green');

// Insert option at a certain position
$options->insertAfter($orange, $green);

// Remove an option

// Reset sort properties (so order of options is the same as the SelectableOptionsArray order)
$sort = 0;
foreach($options as $option) {
    $option->sort = $sort;

// Set options back to field
$fieldtype->setOptions($field, $options);


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