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State of JS 2016


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An amazingly comprehensive survey on what's cool and what's not.


Here is the Table of Contents for the Results

Take a look through all the sections in the above, but if you are in a rush, most PW folks would probably be most interested in the frontend frameworks section: http://stateofjs.com/2016/frontend/


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2 hours ago, onjegolders said:

Hi Adrian,

I also saw this, I was a little surprised CoffeeScript was as dead as it was, maybe I need to get into ES6.

I got forced into using CS on an app project last year - in some ways I kinda liked it, but didn't see any huge advantages or time savings. I also didn't really like that it wasn't a standard - I'd rather go with more official options like ES6/7 or whatever we end up with. I am sure you know, but BabelJS let's you use these syntaxes now.

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TL;DR summary: https://www.i-programmer.info/news/167-javascript/13360-javascript-still-popular-.html

"So we can see that the use of React (which is the most used technology in the survey with 16,099 users) has increased while it popularity has been pretty steady while Angular's popularity reduced as its adoption grew and over the last year people became more even negative towards it."

My comment on this is that it looks like Vue.js is the second most popular frontend one these days.

""JavaScript is moving in the right direction" with over 80% agreeing and only 4% disagreeing. So all is well in the land of JavaScript."

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