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The Tourists' Affairs


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Hi guys,

Just launched my latest project, The Tourists' Affairs:


This one was a pleasure to build. It's based on a tours catalogue, features a tour finder, and for the first time I based a gallery on Instagram embeds. You can see those working on each tour. 

I'm using my basic ingredient set here: Languages, AIOM+, MarkupSEO, and not much more.

Not big or complicated, but neat.

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Neat indeed...

This isn't meant as a critique or anything, but I just noticed a possible bug:

I was randomly selecting options in the tour-finder dropdowns. The results page URL looked like this:


(Chrome / Windows)

It's weird because I was definitely checking "when" + "what"... (no JS errors in the console either). Tried different options and combinations - same result.

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1 hour ago, heldercervantes said:

Thanks for the heads up Dragan. It appears "someone" changed the name of two pages that are vital for the finder :)


Sometimes it's better to use the ID of the page for those critical pages, or employ some way to prevent changing the name of the page:

  1. page-rename permission: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/language-access-control-and-more-special-permissions/#how-to-use-the-page-rename-permission
  2. "prevent manual changes" option in the Page Rename Options module: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-rename-options/
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10 hours ago, adrian said:

ID of the page for those critical pages,

I prefer "locked down" names to IDs, because as a developer I might choose to delete the page in question for whatever reason (e.g. for testing purposes, etc...) so identifying by names makes it easy to substitute the page just in case...

EDIT: One more thing against IDs: it is hard to look for its appearances in the codebase, whereas looking for somewhat unique names (I prefer being verbose in this case too) is easy with a decent code editor, even in multiple files.

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Hello heldercervantes,

I had noticed something on Chromium (52.0.2743.116 on Linux at least). It's still occurring.
The issue doesn't seem to exist on Firefox (48.0).

It's related to the "Find your tour" search form. Trying to use it "freezes" the website.
The only way to have it normal again seems by opening a new tab and entering the url again.

In Firefox I can open Where?, How Long?, or What? without any problem. First closing the last one I clicked on, or directly opening another one.

But on Chromium as soon as I click on Where?, for example,...

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It freezes or crashes.

It seems that the issue doesn't exist on http://thetouristsaffairs.com/ (without the en part).

By the way, thetouristsaffairs.com doesn't redirect to www.thetouristsaffairs.com (or vice versa).          

NB: I've just found it difficult/"buggy" to write normal text after including links in this editor. I can't even remove/disable links here.
I had to copy paste in a text editor.

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