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    • By ngrmm
      I have a page which sends out an email based on queries in the url
      <?php // event ID $eventID = $input->get('eventID','int'); $event = $pages->get($eventID); // config $adminEmail = "events@test.com"; $fromEmail = "noreply@test.com"; $fromName = "test"; $emailSubject = "Test Email"; // HTML BODY $emailBody = ""; // HOW TO ??? … // send mail $m = new WireMail(); $m->to($adminEmail); $m->from($fromEmail, $fromName); $m->subject($emailSubject); $m->bodyHTML($emailBody); $m->send(); ?> The email body is a bit complex: standard html/css tables and some php (pw variables).
      I put my emailbody (html) in a seperate file emailbody.inc but don't know how to include it?
    • By abdulqayyum
      hello processwire community,
      i am using LoginRegister module for front-end user registration. i am facing an issue verification email not receiving while WireMailSmtp is working perfectly and user receives message
      "Thank you, a confirmation code has been emailed to you. When you receive the email, click the link it contains, or paste the confirmation code below."
      received this message in front-end but does not receive any email relevant it.
      please help me in this case how i can solve it.
      Please check screen shots for SMTP test and message which receives user.
      Thanks AbdulQayyum,

      First screenshot SMTP test message, second when user receives message after clicking register button.
    • By rafaoski
      Hi everyone ...
      Generally, this is about the new mailHTML() function that does not work correctly on processwire 3.0.110
      I do not know if I'm making a mistake trying to send an e-mail or if it's a bug in the core
      This is my code:
      // $m = $mail->new(); // option A
      // $m = new WireMail(); // option B
         $m = wireMail(); // option C
         $m->mailHTML('alex@gmail.com', 'Hello', '<html><body><h1>Message Body</h1></body></html>');

      Details from Tracy Debugger
      ProcessWire: 3.0.110
      PHP: 7.2.8
      Webserver: Apache/2.4.34 (Unix)
      MySQL: 10.1.34-MariaDB
      allow_url_fopen: 1
      max_execution_time: 120 (changeable)
      max_input_nesting_level: 64
      max_input_time: 60
      max_input_vars: 1000
      memory_limit: 256M
      post_max_size: 8M
      upload_max_filesize: 20M
      mod_rewrite: 1
      mod_security: *confirmed off
      GD: 2.2.5
      GIF: 1
      JPG: 1
      PNG: 1
      EXIF Support:
      FreeType: 1
      Imagick Extension:

      TracyDebugger: 4.11.13
    • By Noel Boss
      To create a new gitlab issue, I'd like to send an Email to the following email address using FormBuilder: 
      unfortunately, the / in the email gets striped by the sanitizer:
      wire('sanitizer')->email(incoming+account/repository@incoming.gitlab.com'); // output: incoming+accountrepository@incoming.gitlab.com Is there any way to configure the sanitizer? Any other Ideas how to send the mail to this address?
      Ps.: I can not define the email format as it is defined by gitlab. The format is also kind of "common" and known as email-alias in the form of emailaccount+alias@domain.com – gmail uses it to label mails…
    • By chrizz
      Usually I write modules just for me and my projects because they are more or less individual. Mail Debugger is the first module which might be interested for someone else as well. 
      Basically it covers two use cases: 
      1) Log outgoing emails
      2) In debug mode mails are send to a specified email address instead of the original recipient(s)
      I checked the compatibility for PW 3+ because unfortunately I don't have any other version for testing currently. Feel free to drop me a comment if the module works also for older PW versions. 
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