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Debug Filecomputer issue


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There is no reason for this to have happened, I was not working on anything related to this:


Fatal error: Class 'PaymentModule' not found in /Applications/AMPPS/www/hc/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/PaymentInvoice-master/PaymentInvoice.module on line 3

Error: Class 'PaymentModule' not found (line 3 of /Applications/AMPPS/www/hc/site/modules/PaymentInvoice-master/PaymentInvoice.module)

I deleted the site cache and it's still happening. The whole site is broken. This is what happened last time and I had to rebuild. Now I'll have to again. I really need to use version control this time for sure. But nonetheless, I wasn't even working on these files.

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No. I deleted PaymentInvoice.module and it said I had an unclosed comment on the new module I was working on...... so I closed that comment and now the site loads. However if I put PaymentInvoice back in modules, it breaks again with the original error.

I refreshed the modules and put it back, now seems to work. Thanks =[

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Have the same error here:


Fatal error: Class 'PaymentModule' not found in .../site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/PaymentInvoice/PaymentInvoice.module on line 3

And when I deleted the folder FileCompiler/site/modules/PaymentInvoice, the error is:


Fatal error: Class 'PaymentModule' not found in .../site/modules/PaymentInvoice/PaymentInvoice.module on line 3

At least I was working on something related when it occured the first time: I had placed a copy of PaymentInvoice.module (named PaymentFree, to use with zero amount payments) in the modules directory.

Debug steps so far:

  • Removed PaymentFree.module from modules directory and cache
  • Removed PaymentInvoice.module from modules directory and cache
  • Refreshed modules, everything's fine again (except for not having PaymentInvoice)
  • Put PaymentInvoice.module back in place, above written error comes back.
  • Removed PaymentPaypal and PaymentModule, re-installed both
  • Cleared compiled files on module page: Error reappears, once PaymentInvoice.modules is in the modules directory
  • Installed PaymentInvoice.module from ZIP file: Error reappears

I have the strong feeling the error source is somewhere completely different, but I have no clue how to find it. Only error in logs is the mentioned one.

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