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I have a question regarding the fileCompiler: is it possible to compile all files (templates + modules) with the filecompiler at once after a deploy (in a composerPostinstall for example) and disable it afterwards completely. The problem is, when i am deploying a new version to my instances, the cache folders might be replaced, so the files need to be recompiled when the first user is visiting the page after deployment. With that "pre-compilation" i want to prevent that the users have to wait for the filecompiler to compile.



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Is there a reason to replace the cache folder? Normally one would exclude such folders from deployments.

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We have a autoscaling Application with multiple instances, which can be replaced by the autoscaling, what means that its a completely new instance, so the cache folder does not exist and has to be filled again by the compiler. 

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      I'm building a site that renders certain features using reusable classes. Unfortunately FileCompiler caches the files and my changes don't show up unless I clear the FileCompiler cache.
      On top of that, when I try to use the wire() function inside a class it throws a "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wire()". I've tried playing with ProcessWire namespacing, but have come up short.
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      Hello Guys,
      i have a question regarding the fileCompiler of PW 3.x. On my page i am monitoring the execution times and sometimes i have some peaks in the execution time. I profiled the code and i recognized that those peaks come from the fileCompiler, more specific from the function compileNamespace (preg_match_all takes the most time).
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      thank you