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WireUpload not found


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I've been plugging away with my new site back on 2.8. I recently upgraded to 3.x and everything seemed fine.

But then until I noticed that my ajax-image-upload script wasn't working anymore. The error I'm getting back is

Error:     Class 'Processwire\WireUpload' not found (line 31)

That line in my script is this:

$i = new WireUpload('file');
//also tried the following:
//$i = new Processwire\WireUpload('file');
//$i = new \Processwire\WireUpload('file');

 None of the above works. I'm so confused on what I'm missing as I do have a copy for 2.8 that works fine. Haven't done any modifications to the file since the update to 3.x

Have I missed something for 3.x regarding the namespaces? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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