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Layout wonky in Chrome upon migrating to production server


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I can't tell what's wrong; my local development version appears just fine, but I copy over the site files and db online and the homepage content is not being contained. This is what it should look like (same site in the same browser, running on my localhost): http://imgur.com/UFZFzrd

What could be the problem here? Sorry to bring up something so irrelevant to PW here, I just know that you all are a valiant and helpful group, and no one on StackExchange seems to even know what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot.

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Looks normal  on Safari and Chrome on a Mac (10.11.6).  There seems to be a slight problem with the display on Firefox with the copyright showing under some content.

Can you please provide at least a screenshot of what you think is wrong, so we have an idea of what problem you are seeing?

Any other information that you can provide would be helpful for someone to help you.


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3 hours ago, hellomoto said:

I just reloaded the page (although I had a number of times just before that last update above, but minutes ago) and now it looks fine. Gosh =\

I'm asking out of curiosity; did you also try Chrome's "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" feature? e.g.: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/empty-cache-hard-reload-chrome

I found that Chrome often needs it in similar situations to yours.

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That's the thing though, it keeps flip flopping, at least for me. Has anybody gotten this result: http://imgur.com/BmLrfP3 ? This doesn't happen on my development instance. 

Szabesz, I tried the hard reload but couldn't find the option on Mac; I hit cmd+shift+R and thought that does it. Just can't be sure.

Interesting addendum: lays out legit upon resizing the window...

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30 minutes ago, hellomoto said:

Has anybody gotten this result: http://imgur.com/BmLrfP3 ?

I have just checked in Safari 9.1.1 and it is like your screenshot. It might be a CSS/JS compatibility issue, some sort of edge-case situation that might be hard to track down, I suppose. Anyway, after I update the viewport by resizing it, the background pops into place.

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29 minutes ago, szabesz said:

I have just checked in Safari 9.1.1 and it is like your screenshot. It might be a CSS/JS compatibility issue, some sort of edge-case situation that might be hard to track down, I suppose. Anyway, after I update the viewport by resizing it, the background pops into place.


6 hours ago, hellomoto said:

Edit: Now it's not, again. Haven't made any changes since the original upload. Here's a screen capture of what's really going wrong: http://imgur.com/BmLrfP3

Any clue or idea? 

That's the same result I got originally with Firefox.  When I refreshed, it then displayed correctly.

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As a hint...

Masonry calculates the height for the div#portfolio wrong with height:40px;(inspect it in Chrome) and that's probably because the height of the images are not given or not known at the time of rendering.
IIRC there is a workaround somewhere in the masonry docs to counteract that.

The moment masonry rearranges the elements it calculates and refreshes all the dimensions, and all looks fine.

Edit: http://masonry.desandro.com/layout.html#imagesloaded


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The same behavior described by @Klenkes happen to isotope too and for sure this is your issue. As exemple, isotope in his version 3 is not bundled with imagesLoaded; so we have to link imagesLoaded and initialize it as parent of isotope elements.


var $parent = $('#grid-parent');
var $grid = $('#grid');
$parent.imagesLoaded( function() {


38 minutes ago, Klenkes said:


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  • 4 weeks later...
5 hours ago, hellomoto said:

(If anyone does observe my layout still misbehaving please do inform me.)

mhh... still doesn't work in Chrome.
In fact Chrome says: $grid.imagesLoaded is not a function, and I couldn't find the imagesLoaded javascript anywhere...

I once dealt with Masonry and the trick was to specify image dimensions with the img tag.


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