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Module MarkupUikitLoader


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Dipping my toe into modules.

I like the YOOtheme uikit framework (www.getuikit.com), among other things, for its modularity.
However, conditional deployment can be a bit of a pain and documentation is not always clear on what to include, unless you check the available files.

So i tried a module which helps with that.
The module works but I'm still at amateur level and the code is certainly not up to standard so i will only post it here yet.
So if someone feels this module might be useful to her/him, please take some minutes to improve and share your teachings. Happy to learn. :)





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This is such a cool idea, which hasn't (so far as I am aware) been done before. UIKit has been mentioned as a preferred framework by a few forum members in the past and I for one have used it as well, and spent time on figuring out component dependencies.

I look forward to giving it a try.

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