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PW 3.0.31: Tesla Model S + ProcessWire


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No, sadly I don't own a Tesla Model S. Instead I own a 1994 Mazda. But with getting ProcessWire 3.x ready to release, I didn't have a lot to write about this week. So figured, why not chat about something else I'm passionate about (this is a blog after all). Last weekend, I got to pretend that I owned a brand new 2016 Tesla Model S (P90D) for two days and a couple hundred miles. I was so inspired by it, I figured why not write something. We'll even attempt to draw some parallels with ProcessWire. This post also covers updates to several 1st party modules. 


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I know someone has to write this, so let it be me.

The first time I realised what I could do with the ProcessWire API it was like an insane mode in mentioned Tesla Model S. But it was just the beginning as PW keeps accelerating me ever since. Of course there are rough edges, but I am sure there are some in Tesla too - you just have to own it a bit longer to discover them :rolleyes:. This creation of yours, Ryan, is something that was a mind-changer and a life-changer for so many of us here and more around the globe. And it is not just cheaper and better, it is open source and the best you can get!

Tesla team made a great job. So did you - alone. More people everywhere in the world are using PW now than probably ever will be using Tesla cars. So the impact not only on the future, but on the present is quite comparable (Tesla team just has to work harder to not fall behind too far). ProcessWire is equally fine crafted mixture of technology and design, as this electric car... But none of us have to give it back some day soon.

But not only the technology is to be mentioned. ProcessWire is a community, open source and global. People from Africa use it alongside people from Europe and Americas. And they (actually we) come together every day to talk to each other about a topic of no envy and hatred, but a common love and perspective.

The world seems to be so unstable and fragmented these days. At the place that I live I hear a lot of negative words aimed at US and its policy. Some of it might be true, some of it is an obvious propaganda. But without other channels of information and communication you can easily lose your own point of view. I am sure something similar is happening on the so called "other side". Here in community we overcome that way of thinking. You, Ryan, and the open source ProcessWire thing is doing better job for creating a world as a better place than NSA spying scandals and troops being brought to places abroad for sure. And your avatar is the most friendly face of America to be seen for many.

I do not know if making one of the best pieces of software in the world for free and inspiring one of the most friendly and helpful international communities shall ever help you to buy a luxury electric car (I really hope so), but "at least" your children have something to be really proud about.

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Thanks Ivan, I really appreciate it! You give me way too much credit and are too kind, but such a heartfelt message still leaves me speechless, so thank you again.


...shall ever help you to buy a luxury electric car (I really hope so)

I don't think I want any kind of luxury car! I'll be honest, while I was sad to give the car back, I was also glad to because it's just plain stressful. There's no problem if someone dents my car or something gets scratched, etc., but borrowing such a fancy car makes you always worried about where you park. If a bird poops on it you have to clean it right off, and so on and so forth. All these things I never worry about, but became apparent when I had to be responsible for such an object for 2 days. I imagine a lot of stress comes with owning something like that. I'm sure to many it's worth it, but still, glad I don't have to think about that kind of stuff every day. :) If I were to ever own a car like this, I'd buy it after it's already many years old, inexpensive, and has the battle scars to show it. \


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On 21.08.2016 at 5:26 PM, ryan said:

I don't think I want any kind of luxury car!

I was pretty sure you don't. For some people making things is much more interesting than having them. So Tesla won't be more fun than what you already doing (unless you're not a mechanic - or electric in this case ;) ).

On 21.08.2016 at 5:26 PM, ryan said:

You give me way too much credit and are too kind

I think words of appreciation won't hurt time to time. This just felt like the right place for a few. Promise not to write this kind of stuff after each and every you blog post))



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