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Win Eats & Sweets


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New fun little site: http://wineatsandsweets.com. Responsive. 

Even though this is a little site on the front-end, in the admin, we have done a lot of work to handle and process entries. ProcessWire made making the custom functionality and organizing the admin for a great user experience a breeze. Every time I make a site and do a bit of work in the admin, I am amazed that I am able to produce results that look, feel, and act as if the whole CMS was custom rolled for my clients. PW FTW!

Using a few modules,

  • Field type Star Rating
  • Process Page Field Select
  • Lister Pro
  • Pro Fields
  • Field type Range Slider

I wanted to add that every-single piece of content on this site was added and produced by my client. That always amazes me. Processwire is so easy to use for my clients that I just give them the keys and they go to town working on their website(s). 


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On 21/07/2016 at 11:09 PM, pwired said:

How did you do the popping up pictures ?

@pwired I think he use jquery.waypoints.js to know when he is reaching an element and show the picture by using CSS transitions.



Nice job .


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