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Add some pages into PageArray (problems)


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Hello together,
this might be a newbie questions, but I got some problems with a PageArray and don’t know how to go on. 

My goal is give out the parent.name of a page that was found earlier and was put into a PageArray.

My found pages:

$matches = $pages->find($selector);

Some of the pages that are present in $matches need to be put into a new array $the_page_array. 
I do this via a this foreach loop, but I do not 

foreach($matches as $match) {
    if ($match==condition_blah_blah) {
        $the_page_array[]=$match; // if condition true, then add pages to new array

From here, I can print out some stuff, e.g. my parent.name of the $single_page:

foreach($the_page_array as $single_page) { 
    echo „<a target='_blank' href='$single_page->url'>$single_page->title</a> ";
        echo $single_page>parent->name;

So far so good. But from here I want to find some pages in the PageArray that have a given parent.name:

$filtered_matches = $the_page_array->find(„parent.name=blahblahblah");

But this gives out an error:
Error:  Call to a member function find() on array 

In fact, I can use any PageArray function like 
$filtered_matches = $plz_page->getTotal();
and I get the same error.

I believe this has something to do that $the_page_array is an PageArray (or not)?

Any help or hint would be wonderful.
Thanks in advance 

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