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New color style for the default theme

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I made a new color style for the default theme PW 3.0.25.

I just copied the default theme's folder to site/modules, changed Default to DefaultExtra so it doesn't conflict with the default one and added an extra css file.To install unzip archive to site/modules, go to modules page, hit refresh, install theme, choose style (Clear Sky), go to profile and activate DefaultExtra.




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    • By louisstephens
      I was attempting to export some fields from my dev branch to move them over to a live site when I got the following error:

      Has anyone experienced this before? I was thinking I could just write a script using the api to create the fields, but there are about 44 fields (2 are repeater matrix) that are all slightly unique. If anyone has experienced this, what was your work around?
    • By theoretic
      Hi there! And thanks for Processwire which i like very much.
      Got a problem while trying to update from 3.0.65 (with admin theme UIkit ) to 3.0.78 . Tried to do it both via ProcessWireUpgrade module and by copying/replacing the files and dirs manually. In every case i got the problem with UIKit admin theme. The first try to reload any admin page after update gives the following errors:
      Notice: Undefined variable: adminTheme in D:\work\sites\home\sea.dev\webroot\site\modules\AdminThemeUikit\init.php on line 121 Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on null in D:\work\sites\home\sea.dev\webroot\site\modules\AdminThemeUikit\init.php on line 121 It is officially recommended to reload the page several times after update to get the admin interface functional again, but it's not my case. The problem still persists. It's obvious that $adminTheme is not initialized. Reverting back to /wire dir of version 3.0.65 removes the problem. Switching to default admin theme and then updating to 3.0.78 makes the admin interface fully functional -- but switching to UIKit admin theme leads to the error again.
      Will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
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      How To Show User Actual Name Insteal of "user-name" .. I'm Using "AdminThemeReno" here.

    • By blad
      Hi everyone  
      I´m creating an AdminTheme based on Semantic UI framework. Here is the beta version. I 'm fixing bugs.
      Github here

      0.0.1 --- Fixed background color / image.

    • By mrkhan
      i am using PW in Multi site using "symlink" website is working fine.
      for admin panel i am using custom theme  and i have "templates-admin" folder in site folder too.
      but when i login to admin panel i can't see any pages. like attached screen shoot.
      but if i remove the  "symlink" folder and put actual "wire" directory in website every thing works fine.
      how to fix this issue as i want to have one "wire" directory for all my sites in PW for future updating purpose.

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