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Crashed mysql tables


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Hi all

One of my sites (running PW since 2014, currently  v. 2.5.3) had problems with crashed tables.

Last week the body field and and image field crashed – noteworthy the latter crashed in a separate DB in my working copy. A couple hours ago another field table crashed (production system again). Funnily, today's table fixed itself. The site has nearly 20,000 pages, about 100 users a day and is installed on a managed server.

Unless the logs in sites/assets/logs/errors.txt I have no idea how to research the problem. The hosting company says 'system is fine' and 'mostly it's cased by the CMS'. I have seen others here having that problem, but unless fixing it immediately with repair table there wasn't much info to see what is wrong.

Perhaps you guys have some tips how to debug that kind of problem. I even don't know if it is possible to fix this on my own … if it's a problem with the filesystem for example. Any ideas? My code or system failure?

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Sorry to hear. Most hosting companies will tell you that the system is running fine (developers: it's the system. operations: it's the application). 

  1. Have you looked into the server logs by apache or mysql?
  2. Ask the hosting provider how they know it is being caused by ProcessWire.
  3. Is there enough ram?
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1 hour ago, arjen said:

Most hosting companies will tell you that the system is running fine

I've read this several times :-) 

There should be enough memory (server has 16 GB RAM) and the monitoring doesn't indicate any problems the times I the tables crashed. My provider didn't blame the CMS directly, but support said this is often caused by sleeping queries and not properly closed connections (if I remember correctly).

Unfortunately  I only have access to the latest 500 log entries of Apache and no access to the MySQL log. I'll ask the provider to send me both.

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Sorry, couldn't find the time for that. Had some trouble elsewhere. But I saw today there was an error again. I think it won't be long till I see the next one and can have a look the logs.

Will keep updating here!

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Just to complete this …

My provider told me "there is no error on our side" always. About 5 weeks ago the provider moved to a new location and all my data were transferred (don't know exactly how) and for the last couple weeks I had no problems :-)

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