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Current Menu Item (Child of Parent)

Lance O.

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I've slightly modified the following code from the original found in the /site-default/head.inc file that is included in the installation of PW.

The page I am viewing is a child of "/team/" but $class isn't being added. What in the code below is incorrect?



$team = $pages->get( "/team/" );

$children = $team->children;

foreach( $children as $child ) {

$class = $child === $page->rootParent ? " current-menu-item" : ''; // DOESN'T WORK

echo '<li id="menu-item-' . $child->id . '" class="nav-' . $child->name . ' menu-item menu-item-' . $child->id . $class . '"><a href="' . $child->url . '">' . $child->title . '</a></li>';




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Nothing wrong with the code, but it looks to me as the /team/ page isn't rendered in this code. What it does is output the children of /team/ not news itself. Have you anther code that's rendering the /team/ page?


Ah I think you mean, the current page isn't active. Misunderstood that.

The get current page active you have to change it to this:

$class = $child === $page ? " current-menu-item" : '';
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I've just found a variable or PW API value that seems to give me what I want, the trouble is I can't find it documented anywhere—anyone know if


is documented?

UhOh: Red herring, please pretend I didn't type that...

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