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Creating something like a site-core / semi-wire folder


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Hi guys,

I would very much appreciate to get your feedback to the following idea:

We've created a publishing system for our company that is based on ProcessWire. Currently we are only using it for one publishing page. But it could very well be possible that in the future we are in need of managing additional pages. I'm thinking of something like it is described in the article about Multiple-site support, but with something like a site-core that is included by any site instance. To keep server management simple all the instances could use the same database. Imagine the following folder structure:


- site-first
- site-second
- site-third
- site-core
- wire

All the templates, modules and assets from the "site-core" folder are automatically loaded by each other "site-" instance. This would enable other instances to add their own templates but still let them use the "site-core" templates. Also the ProcessWire "wire" folder would remain untouched.

Additionally it could be great to restrict module configuration access to only activate the "Site" tab on instances. And being able to create new instances from the "site-core" instance ;-)

What do you think?

Thanks for your feedback :-)

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depends..you could use one PW with multiple page trees and you could limit templates based on those page trees (parents)

another possibility would be to use multi-site setup and try the new multi-instance support..this way you can have more cleaner installations as every page uses it's own installation just sharing the same wire folder, but with the advantage of easily sharing data by bootstrapping one page (or more) from another

More about multi-instance www.processwire.com/blog/posts/multi-instance-pw3/ for this you should use newest PW 3 (or at least 3.0.30)

Note that when using multi-site you always update the core of all sites at once..
If modules will be same and you can update modules for all sites at once you could even symlink modules folder..

If that's a problem you could make independent pw installations and still use multi-instance to share data..

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