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Hi, I red this: http://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/installing-a-css-framework/page2 and 

Perahps I don't understand anything. Excuse me!
But, I gone here: http://www.free-css.com/free-css-templates/page198/istria-1 and I downloaded the package.
In this package there is 4 directory: "css", "js", "img", "images" and out it some html files.
Then, I gone bye ftp filezille in to my site, and I charge those 4 directory on .../site/templates.
But my site is as before. The aspect is the same.
How I wrong? 

Question two.
I seen the new forum with personal homepage for all members, that seem as facebook! 
There'is a modules "forum" for do same wonderfull thing in any site PW, or I must write all code by my hand?

Thank you for any replace! 

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Have you followed the step 4 ?

After you uploaded the files, you have to modifiy your code manualy for each file's reference (css / js / font) in your templates.

If you dont have any templates then you should at least create one and use it for every page (I mean the basic-page template for example found in the default installation) then create the pages tree.


I think you should watch this video made by Philipp:


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6 ore fa, flydev ha detto:
6 ore fa, flydev ha detto:





Thanks for your reply and thank you for the video, but I do not understand English so well to understand a guy who speaks English!
So if you could explain to me writing?
Step4 In the guide says that I have to go in the <head> section of each html page, but how do I trovarlae to put the suggested string?
There are 4 default installation classic template. How do I change the <head> section of at least one template pre-installed, such as "basic-page"?
The guide says to add <link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text / css" href = "<? Php
   echo $ config-> urls-> templates; ?> Css / bootstrap.min.css "/>
I did not understand what folder and in what file I have to add this code!






6 ore fa, flydev ha detto:
6 ore fa, flydev ha detto:


Credo che si dovrebbe guardare questo video realizzato da Philipp:


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