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PW 3.0.22: Several upgrades and optimizations


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This week we have some nice optimizations and enhancements for the core, as well as some great upgrades in the forums! Our Inputfield forms (including page editor) got a whole lot faster, and our Password field got a ton of nice enhancements. These updates are all available in version 2.8.22 as well. 


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The performance improvement for Inputfield forms sounds incredible. Looking froward to testing that out. The largest number I have to test with is about 60. It was never "slow" before, but it was slower than other templates with 5-10. Great work as always Ryan!

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Thanks as always for this!

One problem though that I encountered was that the new version (.22) broke my custom inputfield (InputfieldSelectize), the inputfield seemed to no longer save or load the strings that define the array and option/items markup and then that caused all pages using that to break.

is there something that would prevent either storing or loading data into those settings fields (??)


The module config data (for each field) is saved to the database, but is not being loaded into the field editor fields when the page renders.
This happens on the following modules tested so far:

  • Inputfield Chosen Select
  • Inputfield Selectize
  • Selectize Template & Field Tags

if anyone has any clues how to fix this, would be appreciated! I spent some time to look at this but sort of striking out at this stage...

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Macrura, looking in InputfieldSelectize.module, I think the issue might potentially be that there are no default values established for the configuration properties. For instance, there is no $this->set('itemDataArray', array()); in the __construct() method. Though if something was working before, and stopped working after this upgrade, then I'd rather continue making it work than have existing modules have to make changes.

I'm wondering if this change might be the culprit? Can you try changing it back to the previous setting to see if it makes any difference in your case?


If this is the issue (?), I can think of some other ways to approach this that should resolve it. If that's not the issue, please let me know too and I can continue hunting for it. 

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Macrura, great–glad that was it! I've updated the core Field.php file so that this should no longer be an issue:


Still a good idea to define defaults for your module though. If you don't, there's a good chance the module will not work if someone creates a field and neglects to change any settings (and thus never saves any config data).

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Cool - thanks!

i seem to be clueless on how to do this default data but will check out some other modules and see if i can hack it...

in terms of the InputfieldSelectize i think it will be good though to provide the base code to select pages using their title only so then as you say the inputfield will at least be usable out of the box.

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