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Posting and uploading from template


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Hello Forum,

I am relatively new to processwire and have been playing around with some simple websites so far with it.

I love the simplicity and the straight forward approach to it. I felt "at home" right away! =D

The only thing, I just can not get done is implementing a simple post-form in a template. (front-end)

I want to get registered users to create content via a simple form. Yes, there are several tutorials in this forum.


I want the file upload to look like the upload in the back-end:

- multiple upload

- rearrange order of files

Is that hard to build? It should be "there"... or do i need to install a module like https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12050-module-jquery-file-upload/

I would like to build it with core functionality.

What do you guys think? Can you point me into the right direction?



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Welcome to the forums, Stephan!

I do not think there is a way easier than installing kongondo's module you mentioned. Other way is to write your own form markup and use appropriate javascript. There is no straightforward way to use the admin inputfield on the frontend that I know of.

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Thanks Ivan,

Yes, I kind of expected this. ;) I feel stupid for asking that question. (Especially, as there are so many posts regarding front-end forms.)

But good to know about this. If there were a simple solution I would have been happy that I posted this question!

Thanks again!


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Ah. I see.

That seems pretty easy to put into a template-file. I just add the js/css libraries to the template.php.

The tricky part would be to get it working with actual file uploads to processwire, I assume.

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