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Setting expire headers

Guy Verville

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I'm running several speed tests for my personal site using http://webpagetest.org.  My site has the ProCache module installed. The lifespan is set to 1 week, but I am not sure it is the same as the expire date seen in the following report : WebpageTest for guyverville.com.

Setting Expire Headers can be done in .htaccess. I don't want to interfere with ProCache, but would like to understand what I can do here. 


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Your set lifespan for the cachefiles has nothing to do with the expire dates of the report.

In ProCache settings on the TAB GZIP-More there is a link to a sample part of the htaccess addition: Place the contents of this file...

Copy the content and place it at the beginning of your htaccess.

That's it.

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