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<form action="./"> redirecting to homepage why?


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Created form by FormBuilder and PadLoper, i have problem when i make post.
For example, if i have a contact form at www.domanin.ltd/contact/ url and if want to make post form redirecting me to homepage (www.domanin.ltd). All my post data going to homepage but there is not a process for this form. same result for PadLoper forms.
Basically processwire backend form creations not working well for me in front-end.
There is a problem with url "./". If i change url with str_replace function PadLoper checkout form working.

echo str_replace('./', $page->httpUrl, $checkout->render());

Some one has this problem ?

Question & Answers about problem:

@ukyo(question)  If i use Option C Embed method. When i submit form page redirecting to (making form post) homepage from contact page. How can i hack this ? I want to make post current called page. I added this option on my settings but need tips about how to ?

@ryan(answer)  Since you are using embed C, make sure that any pages you put forms on don't have the trailing slash removed. FormBuilder sticks to PW's default setting for trailing slashes. If you've changed the slash setting for a template that outputs a form (embed C only) that could interfere with the form submission.

@ukyo(answer)  I didn't changed slash settings, and after your answer i checked slash settings and everything look like normal. For be sure unchecked this option and tested, didd't work. Checked this option again and tested, didn't work. Also i have same problem with PadLoper module (using same method). Do i have problem with my pw setups or settings ? or do i need to enable some php server side settings ? Please, let me know

ProcessWire 3.0.20 devns
PHP 5.6.10
OS X El Capitan

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