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A-Z Barbecue & Gourmet

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Back in 2013 we at X-com built our very first ProcessWire empowered website: A-Z barbecue & gourmet. It has been running very well for the past 3 years. Technology caught up on us however, and in 2016 it was time for a radical redesign. The old website was not very mobile friendly and the actual shopping feature was iframed and delivery by a third party. Shopping was not very userfriendly either, which led us to believe that an improvement in design and usability was in order.

All actual functionality is now handled by performing API calls and Iframes were removed. The new design is simple and straightforward and the first results look promising. The website went live about 3 weeks ago and since then conversion increased on all devices:


6,08% =>7,27%


2,48% => 4,01%


0,5% => 1,36%

Go check 'm out!




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Thanks for your feedback. You're right, we haven't done any effort in making this site work without javascript turned on. Figures show that the amount of visitors without javascript (excluding bots and crawlers) is pretty much non-existent, so that was a calculated tradeoff.

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