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Our agency website is not exactly new, because we relaunched it late 2014. At this time we have build it with the CMS Contao and Bootstrap as framework. Although I always liked our website, I was never quiet happy with it. Contao is a great CMS, but knowing ProcessWire it felt tedious managing content. Also it limited me as a developer.

So the past months I have rebuild our website with ProcessWire and switched the framework to UIkit, because it made a good first impression on me and I wanted to learn it. Now I am happy with our website, because it is cleaner, faster, easier to manage and more optimized for search engines.


Modules used:

  • ProFields
  • ProCache
  • Map Marker
  • Pages2JSON
  • Markup Sitemap XML
  • Tracy Debugger
  • Email Obfuscation

Regards, Andreas

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Also it limited me as a developer.

In other words: processwire does not limit you as a developer.

So obvious, but didn't cross my mind so far to put it in these words.

Added this one to my list of processwire arguements.

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Thanks for the nice responses.


Unfortunately our hoster currently doesn't support http/2. Not even PHP7, which bothers me.

I will definitely look into it, because I haven't tried http/2 out yet, but it sounds promising.

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