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Accessing filesize property of $file in admin template


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I'm currently building a module that checks image filesizes and returns a list of those that match some specific criteria. The list needs to be accessible from a page the module installs under the admin Setup page.

However I seem unable to access $file->filesize within an admin template. I can access other properties, like $file->title and $file->page. I've used the same code to echo a list of filesizes from an array of files on the frontend and it works perfectly. Is this normal behaviour?

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Out of curiosity, does this work:


Hang on a second - you say that:

$file->title works - but this is not properties of files :)

What exactly is $file referencing?

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Sorry adrian, you're right, I don't know why I mentioned $file->title! $file returns the filename, I must have been thinking of that. Updated question with strikethrough. 

No errors, and filesize($file->filename) also returns nothing unfortunately. Code below from the module:

public function ___execute() {

    // this will be dynamic later
    $fieldname = "image";

    $old_name = "";
    $pagesWithImages = wire('pages')->find($fieldname.".count>0, sort=title");
    $allImages = array();

    foreach($pagesWithImages as $p) {
        $imagedata = $p->get($fieldname);
        if (is_array($imagedata)) {
            foreach($imagedata as $image) {
                $allImages[] = $image;
        } else {
            $allImages[] = $imagedata;

    $out .= "<h3>".count($allImages)." images found.</h3>";
    if (count($allImages)) {
        $adminURL = $this->config->urls->admin;
        $table = $this->modules->get('MarkupAdminDataTable');
            $this->_x('Page', 'list-table'), 
            $this->_x('Filename', 'list-table'), 
            $this->_x('Filesize', 'list-table')

        foreach ($allImages as $i) {
            $pg = $i->page;
            $pagelink = "<a target='_blank' href='".$adminURL."page/edit/?id={$pg->id}'>".$pg->title." (".$pg->id.")</a>";

            $filesize = filesize($i->filename);

        $out .= $table->render();
    return $out;
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Definitely weird - if $i->filename is definitely returning the full server path to the file, and PHP's filesize() isn't working on it, then I am baffled :)

Apparently some hosts disable filesize(), but you mention that it works on the frontend, so that would rule out that possibility.

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Check what is $i (use TracyDebugger). Does: 

$pagesWithImages = wire('pages')->find($fieldname.">0, sort=title");

make a difference (removed .count)?

You can also use:

$imagedata = $p->getUnformated($fieldname);

then you don't need is_array check.

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Thanks matjazp and adrian. Looks like I was trying to access the filesize property of an array of files rather than the files themselves. All solved now, might post the module up somewhere when I get a chance.

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An File field configured as single (max 1), will by default be a single object on front-end (where outputformatting is on), BUT in the backend where no outputformatting is on the field will be an WireArray, regardless of if single or multiple.

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