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Hi Guys

I have a question about the Add Page Shortcut Functionality. In General you can set the family settings on template so that you have to choose a new Parent when adding a new page of the defined template with the shortcut menu. In my case I can add new "Newsletter" Pages but I have to choose under which Parent it should be added. But as a "Clinic" - User I can only add the Newsletter Pages under the Parent Page which belongs to this User (was made with a Hook inside Page::addable / Page:editable).  Because of that I only see one Parent Item in the Dropdown Shortcut Menu which is correct.


Can this Selection be skipped when the shortcut menu only has one Parent to choose (Also in ProLister "Add New")?

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Do I have to make a hook inside ProcessPageAdd::___executeTemplate or something like that? 

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This worked for me:

I'm doing a "addHookBefore" inside the ProcessPageAdd::executeTemplate Method.

public function init() {

     if(!$this->user->isSuperuser() && $this->user->hasRole("XXXXXXXX")) $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageAdd::executeTemplate', $this, 'redirectParent');


Inside the redirectParent Hook Method

public function redirectParent(HookEvent $event){

     //Get ID from URL
     $templateID = (int) $this->input->get->template_id;

     //Check if it's a Newsletter
     if($templateID == 66){
          //Get the Parent Page specified by the choose_sender_2016 Pagefield in the user & newsletter Template
	  $parent = $this->pages->get("template=newsletter-clinic, choose_sender_2016={$this->user->choose_sender_2016}");
          //Check if a Parent was found
                //Skip the Parent Selection with a redirect
		$url = "./?parent_id=" . $parent->id; 
	        if($this->wire('input')->get('modal')) $url .= "&modal=1";

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Interesting - I was just dealing with something similar with AdminRestrictBranch but solved it a different way by hooking into executeNavJSON

Here's the approach just it's helpful for you or someone else: https://github.com/adrianbj/AdminRestrictBranch/blob/master/AdminRestrictBranch.module#L110

PS - I am certainly not suggesting mine is better in anyway - just a different approach to share :)

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