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Error 500 with repeater with more than 51 items


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Hey all.

I have a repeater with single textfield items.

Everything is working fine till I reach 51 items. When I want to add the 52th, I get a 500 Internal Server Error and the page is not editable anymore...I have to delete the page and start from scatch.

Can anyone think of a reason for that? And of course a solution?

Thanks a lot!!


I am running:

- ProcessWire 2.7.2

- FieldtypeRepeater 1.0.2

- MySql Server Version: 5.5.47-0

- PHP Version 5.6.21

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You might need to switch to PageTable or something similar. You are hitting the limits of what a Repeater is capable of.

People often run into this issue, see for example:


Not long ago I even posted a request in the Wishlist topic section:


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