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How to output text input in a repeater field


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Hey guys,

I'm currently building a shop page for a friend and im creating all the options via the panel. So when he wants to add a new item to his shop, he goes to the specific page and adds all the information in via the panel.

I have everything working perfectly, mostly using checkbox field types for available sizes etc....

He has asked me now to give each product a colour item, but the catch is that he wants to be able to type in the colour himself. As you know many products come in different colours so i cant create a selection from him to choose from a list of colours like i have done with sizes.

So I built a repeater field with a textarea inside.


My question is how do i output these inputs on the page in a select box?

Here is my code so far, 

  <?php foreach($page->colour as $colour) {
                    echo "<select id ='colour'>
                          <option value='Select Colour' selected='selected' disabled>Select Colour</option>
The problem with the code above is that it creates a seperate selectbox for each colour input. I have tried a few different things like eq(1n), first() etc... and nothing works. I would really appreciate some help.
Thank you!
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// You don't need to loop the select

$options = "<option value='Select Colour' selected='selected' disabled>Select Colour</option>";

foreach($page->colour as $colour) {

$value = $colour->colourtext;

$options .= "<option value='" . $value . "'>" . $value . "</option>";


echo "<select id='colour'>" . $options . "</select>";

ps, could have a bug or 2 typed in browser.
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Hi Davabo,

the problem seems to be your generated HTML code, not the PHP code. You need to create one single select with a dynamic list of options. Try this:

<select id="colour">
  <option value="-" selected="selected" disabled="disabled">Select Colour</option>
  <?php foreach($page->colour as $colour): ?>
    <option value="<?= $colour->colourtext ?>"><?= $colour->colourtext ?></option>
  <?php endforeach; ?>
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