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Export Site Profile Error 500 on page id=1


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Hey all.

I ran into a strange problem.

I am using the module Export Site Profile to migrate from one server to another. I did this before and everything worked fine. With this page, I had a strange problem.

The installation with the site-profile worked fine (except that I had to uncomment the "RewriteBase /" in htaccess to get to admin). The installed site modules (I installed most of them using ModulesManager) have been missing at first but got installed after refreshing the modules (Navbar: Modules -> Refresh).

But once the modules are installed, I can not edit the Home-Page (page id=1, so root of pagetree) anymore. In firefox I get a blank page, Chrome at least shows a 500 Error. All other pages are editable as before, only Home stopped working.

Does anyone of you has an idea what is happening there?

Thanks a lot!!


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It seems like nobody before had this strange kind of error. :'(

Maybe somebody can think of a possible source of problem, if it might be eg a htaccess problem (which I doubt because there is no such rule that could affect that e.g. example.com/admin/page/edit/?id=2 is working but example.com/admin/page/edit/?id=1 not)? Or if it might be a user-id problem that I can look for in the database directly?

Thanks a lot

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I'm not sure what would cause the error you're getting, but something you could try is migrating without using the Export Site Profile module.

My normal procedure is:

  1. Export the database using PhpMyAdmin on the old host
  2. ZIP all the files on the old host, download ZIP
  3. Create a new empty database on the new host and import the database export from step 1
  4. Upload and extract the ZIP on the new host
  5. Edit config.php to change database name/password if necessary
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