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Pages lookup, excluding already visited


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Hi all,

I'm building a "news" type site and creating a "related articles" list on article pages.  That's easy enough with tags/categories fields I've setup but I'd like to exclude any articles from the list that have already been viewed by the user that session.

I can of course store the page IDs that have been viewed in a session array.

Is there a way to do this with the PW API eg $pages->find("template=articles, category=localnews, pageid!=34,56,87") or similar?

I know I can pull all pages then exclude in PHP afterwards but would rather do without the extra overhead if possible.



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Shortest topic in history.  I keep assuming things will be more complicated than they are in PW,

The below works if anyone else is looking for the answer.

$pages->find("template=articles, category=localnews, id!=34|56|87") 

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