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I have a possible project where the users would register and login to create a page or pages,

upload images and the user only be able to access and edit his own page(s).

What is the best way todo this,

Create all the functionalities using the frontend or it is possible to use the backend?

Is there another way?

In the front end is possible to render the fields as they are used in the backend when editing a page?

Thank you

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You might be interested in this thread:

Create simple forms using API


If you need a lot of features that are already supported by the backend, then probably yo want to go that way. If you want to imply that your users are not logged into the backend, you need to implement all the features for the frontend, of course. So it depends on your needs, I suppose. I think it is easy to utilize PW's API, so the more you use it, the less you need to code. After all, that is why we love ProcessWire ;)

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