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InputfieldPage in a search query


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Hi guys.

Can't find this info anywhere.

I'm trying to use the multipage values to do a search function.

There are tours on this project, and location of options on a via page select. Like tags: "downtown, old town, beach...".

On the search field, the admin selects one or many. On the frontend, the user can select whichever wanted, and output tours that have at least those options selected.

My query looks like this:

template=tour, (where~=1041 || where/~=1042)

But it doesn't understand the ~=

How do I get around this?



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See it like that: It is a exact match. It's just that there may be other possible matches as well. To match a field which has only a specific value even though it's mutli-value you'd need to use something like that "field=$id, field.count=1".

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